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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Rainy Day

Where’s the summer gone? Its done nothing but rain today. Beatrice wasn’t very happy when I ran into the hall and left muddy paw prints on the carpet. Well! I can’t help it!! What does she expect me to do? Wipe my feet. I mean I could. But it would look silly. It’s alright for you humans. You wear shoes, and you can take them off when you come in. My feet just get dirty. And cold. How would you like it walking round with no shoes on? Anyway, I hope the weathers better tomorrow. I’ve got a hot date with that cutie on the next door farm. And I can’t be romantic in the rain!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Watching football tonight. Most people don’t think dogs like football. I love it. Haven’t a clue what’s going on mind you. What I don’t understand is why when someone gets the ball, they give it to someone else! I mean what’s the point in that? And that bloke in black. Every time he blows a whistle, everyone stops. I just don’t get it. I once saw a dog run onto the field. Now he was good! But they all stopped and started to chase him. Very unfair I thought. And they picked the ball up. Anyway. Gotta go. The Bill’s coming on.


Well Howdy all – Just to introduce my new bloggy doggy page. I am a bit new to all this latest blogging craze. But that author said I had to get on with it and introduce myself as I have kinda taken over the story a bit in the book.

Look people I am seven years old and in my prime time I was such a cool dude worked on a farm all day every day. Kind of a bit retired now since Beatrice rescued me from the dog rescue in Inglesnook. Where’s Inglesnook you say? Well it's one of those quaint English towns and it's where I still live ... well for now.

It's like you will find out soon, people, when you read the book. The town has been earmarked for demolition time. I don’t mean like bulldozers and things really, just that plans are hatching to build like biiiiig supermarkets and new houses and things.

Well we kinda like things as they are with local people and local produce.

You see this is where the plot all started if you like.Those irritating vegetables overheard a conversation that involved someone in the community that everyone looks up to you know … They overheard him talking about taking over Hollies Farm – well it was a big shock like … woof, a real shock …

Look, I just gotta go back to the kitchen. Cupcakes are cooking and I need to make sure they are OK for my new Twitch Recipe book…. Will be back real soon.